Why aren't students studying digital marketing?

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Following our recent community work, Joe discovered that students are not learning enough about the value of digital marketing...this is going to be a good one.

Students were given the option to choose which campaign they were going to run for the launch of a new headwear brand that they design. Surely you would choose Facebook or Video marketing, right? WRONG... It was barely an option.

Students were given the following options:

  • Flyers/ Posters

  • Celebrity Endorsement

  • Newspapers

  • Facebook Marketing

  • TV Advert

  • Radio

How many of the class of 28 do you think chose Facebook Marketing? 28 right? Wrong again. 0. No one in the class chose what is deemed now to be the most effective marketing strategy.

What's wrong?

It's clear that the authors of these books aren't addressing the modern trends or the future, they are stuck in the past. Why? Well that's something I don't have the answer to. Maybe you do?... Let us know.

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