Tips To Writing A Converting LinkedIn Headline

Ideally, it should be written in such a way that it intrigues the reader and makes them want to check out a user’s profile. While the default headline is enough to inform the readers about what you do, it doesn’t highlight your unique traits. 

If you want to tell recruiters what you can bring to the table, you need to customise your LinkedIn headline. 

Here's a couple of tips that will help you write a lead generating LinkedIn headline:

Know Your Audience

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are you looking to target?

  • What is your purpose for you posting on LinkedIn?

  • What would you like to achieve from your connections on LinkedIn?

You should always use a title in your LinkedIn profile that your prospects can easily recognise. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects and recruiters. If you were on the other side, what would you be looking for? What would they care about? Try to address that issue in your headline.

Highlight your USP

Your job title is a great way to give your prospects a good understanding of what you do and where you currently stand in the business. However, you need to inform them of how you can add value to an organisation. If you aren’t sure of what you could include as your value proposition, you could look at your company’s USP.


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