New Features To Spotify Premium

Clearly Spotify have been missing the parties and has come up with a clever new addition that is being release for premium users as of Monday. The idea of this new feature is to make it easier for everyone when they are at your party. Welcome - Group Sessions.

Group Sessions let 2 or more people, who are premium users to take control of the music as well as contributing to a group playlist...Is this a good feature or is it a recipe for chaos? I know when I've been a parties, if a phone is managing the music there are times when people will simply keep skipping songs. What do you think? Good or Chaotic?

How does it work?

One of the premium users will become a "HOST" and will get a scannable code to share with their guests. Each guest then has the ability to play, pause, skip, select and add tracks to the playlist. I personally think this needs an approval staged by the is unlikely everyone in the room is going to have the same music taste...Could this ruin some parties? You tell me.

I'd love to know your thoughts - email me

Speak soon.

Joe Yates

Managing Director.

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