Is organic social media dead?

I hear this term a lot..."Organic Social is Dead".. So is it?

My opinion, backed by results is that : No it's not dead...We continue to run social accounts with no minimal paid advertisement and they are successful.

However, there are ways to excel your brand. One of these is to start running paid advertisements.

If you walk into a store for the first time and leave, it is unlikely you will remember its name and products...It's the same with your website and social. You need to retarget the customers that leave your site and get them back engaged.

So what actually is paid social media?

Paid media is defined as the purchase of ad inventory on a media channel or publisher site to broadcast your brand message and reach your target audiences.

So, why is it required?

Can your brand grow on social media without paid social? Why does organic social work? How exactly can you do this? Have you got 5 top tips? How does Facebook's algorithm work for organic social?

Let me answer those questions...

Can your brand grow on social media without paid social?

Yes you can. It's a lot harder to grow a brand on social media without using paid advertising, however it is possible. Firstly, you have to follow 2 main policies of ours. Be Patient and Post Quality... I would suggest using an agency like ourselves for this as an agency can ensure consistency is maintained for your brand and we can ensure the success is achieved over a predicted 9 months or so. Organic social works because you are building brand loyalty and a community around your product. Paid social is used more for gathering new leads and sales for your business as well as retargeting people that have engaged with your brand.

5 Top Tips For Success

1) Quality Post quality content and target it at one person. Write your post as if you are talking to someone not everyone. Click here to learn how to do that.

2) Consistency

Consistency is key. Consistency in brand, so your colours, logo, typography and tone of voice but also when you post. If you struggle to find time to post and everything is rushed, then click here. But if you have time, post on consistent days and have a schedule.

3) Innovation

Be the leader in your market, stay ahead of your competition, come up with new innovative ideas to make your brand shine. Don't be a sheep. See a new feature online, be the first to use it...You never know, brands might start copying you.

4) Integrity

One of our key values, Integrity is defined by the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. We instil this into our team, our sub-contractors and our work. You should do this throughout your social media posts.

5) Engagement

Think of your user. Facebook doesn't care about your money, it cares more about its user's experience. Make your posts engaging, connect with your audience and get them interested in your brand and your content. It will pay off in the long term.

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