How to post on Instagram from your Mac?

How annoying is it that you can post on Facebook from your desktop but not instagram making it difficult when you are using Instagram for Business purposes.

You are alright though as most of you will only have 2 accounts... We have 36!

So below you will find the instructions of how to make a simple adjustment on safari to allow you to post on Instagram from your Macbook or iMac.

Step 1 - Enable "Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar"

Click Safari > Preferences > Advanced

Tick "Show Develop menu in menu bar"

Step 2 - Enable Your Mac to act as your iPhone

Go to > Log into your account

Click Develop in your navigation bar

Click User Agent in the drop down

You will see a range of options > Click Safari - IOS 12.1.3 - iPhone

Once you have done all these steps you will now see the phone version of Instagram allowing you to unlock all features such as posting.

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