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I recently spoke to Rob Mackley Creator of RED BOX ALL-IN™, the UK’s only All-Inclusive, Pay Monthly Web Design Service. He spoke about how you can make quite simple changes to your website to get you more leads. You can listen, read or watch below:

Download his PDF Summary Here.

The Checklist:

1. Your Key Message

  • Do you have a one-sentence key message that clearly explains what you do?

  • Is this message about your customer, not you? E.G. Does it use ‘You’ more than ‘We’?

  • Does it explain what pain or problem you solve for customers?

  • Is the message bold and above the fold?

2. Image of Success

  • Is the first image on your website positive and align with your core values?

  • Does it make visitors feel the way you want them to?

  • Does it show the visitor what it will feel like to work with your organisation?

  • Does it aligns with your key message and the problem you solve

3. Your 3 Uniques:

  • Do you explain in 3 simple bullet points why you are different from your competitors?

  • Have you asked your customers why they use you?

  • Do you expand on your 3 uniques to explain what benefit each one is to your customers?

4. Your Core Offering

  • Do you limit the number of services/products on your home page to 3?

  • Is the information about these 3 products/service a short concise summary of each one?

5. Trust Signals

  • Do you show one of the following: Accreditations, certifications, Awards or Reviews?

  • Do you show customer testimonials on the main pages?

  • Do these testimonials look real?

6. Your Proven Process

  • Do you show visitors what it looks like if they engage with your business?

  • Does this process have a name and displayed as a graphic showing a number of steps?

7. Call to Action

  • Do you clearly explain to visitors how you want them to contact you?

  • It is bold and stand out

  • Do you use the same call to action message on every page?

  • Do you have the same call to action at least twice on every page?

By Rob Mackley, Red Box Web Design Tel: 01785 248101 Email: Web:

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