A message from Unknown - World Mental Health Day

This piece is written by co-founder Adam Booth.

"Having dealt with various mental health struggles over the last few years, I empathise with anyone having any kind of struggle, as I know the depths it can drag you down to. I’ve had some very tough times of my own, and it can leave you feeling demotivated, drained, worthless, and even to the point where you believe it’ll never get any better.

From my personal experiences, it’s important to realise mental health issues are something you will never fully overcome and remove. However, that doesn’t mean things aren’t going to improve and become easier if you focus on the two most important things to keep your head above the water.

  1. Having a small support network around you, of people that you can truly rely on, trust, talk to, and confide in. There’s nothing more important in this world than people, and I’ve personally got out of some very tough times, by having some amazing people around me, in the form of family, close friends, and my girlfriend. These select people have lived with me through this, and without good people to fall back on, the loneliness will only build the power of negative thoughts.

  2. However, it’s important to also find happiness within yourself, and this has only really been possible for me, by having a fixed goal and focus to put all of my energy into. Building my own company with my best friend has elevated my mental state massively. Unknown Freelance gives me a job that I am happy and motivated to wake up to everyday. Working for yourself gives so many benefits, but also an immense amount of pressure. Having the success of the business to worry about, has distracted me from my own battles inside my head, and ultimately finally began to regain some of my confidence and belief in getting better.

I want our company to have a strong message and stance in helping people realise that despite the drawbacks of poor mental health, you can still persevere and find ways of being content and happy. You can still live the life you want to live, and you can still work in the field you want, whatever that may be. No matter how great you think your current situation is, there will always be something to knock you down a bit, or slightly push you off track, but what matters is how you recover from that, and move forward. Keep fighting for those happy moments, because they are always worth it."

Adam Booth - Co-Founder

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