15 Social Media Marketing Fails

Do you want to avoid damaging your company's reputation? Want to know the mistakes that could ruin your social media marketing strategy?

1. Bragging:

Don't spend all your time talking about how great your company is. It's a big turnoff for your followers, 45% of whom will probably unfollow you if you're too heavy on self-promotion.

2. Being Antisocial:

Not being social on social media is like holding a press conference and refusing to answer any questions. Take advantage of social media accounts by retweeting, sharing, and responding to your followers.

3. Treating Social Media as a Side Project:

The fact is, social media marketing done right can lead to a huge increase in conversations for your company. Make sure to give it the time and effort it deserves.

4. Being inconsistent:

While you may need to take a slightly different approach to tweets than you do to your blog posts, your overall tone needs to be consistent.

5. Ignoring your followers:

Your social media followers aren't just interested in what you have to say to them - they also want to be able to communicate with you quickly and conveniently.

6. Automation Gone Wrong:

Automation can be very helpful when you are managing social media across several different sites and platforms, but make sure you have a human monitoring your social media posts and replies to avoid embarrassing mishaps.

7. Not measuring:

Naturally, the consequence of not measuring your social media-related metrics is that you will never know whether what you're doing is actually working. Whatever your goals, you need to measure your social media metrics to see if you are achieving them.

8. Talking their ears off:

Written posts are great, but they must be balanced with quality visual content. If written material is all you have to offer, your followers are going to get bored.

9. Being obvious to current events:

Automation can save you lots of time when you're managing several social media accounts; however, you need to remain aware of current events to avoid tragedy has occurred, a post about your newest promotion or a funny meme will come off distasteful.

10. Forgetting that people buy from people:

Tell some jokes, share some insider info about your office, or share a funny picture. Revealing the real people behind your brand will likely garner you some new (and human) followers.

11. Repeating yourself:

Repurposing your content for different venues is good -- repeatedly reusing the exact same content is not. Don't bombard your followers with the same content in the same format.

12. Winging it:

Creating and following through with a social media strategy will seriously improve the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

13. Providing useless content:

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing quality content. You need to provide your followers with the information they will not easily find elsewhere. This means going the extra mile to share only the best on your social media.

14. Being sloppy:

Typos, grammatical errors, and punctuation mistakes are never acceptable in your company's social media posts. If you need to, invest in an editing service to ensure that your posts are error-free.

15. Not taking social media seriously:

Social media marketing can and should be an integral part of your company's marketing strategy. Avoiding social media fails by making sure you and your employees understand the importance of your company's social media strategy.

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