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Auto Promotional Video 

Professional, simple and effective promotional videos. Perfect for websites and social media.

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About Unknown Freelance Video 

Freelance video brings a new approach to the automotive industry. Taking the rise and influence of social media and youtube influence and incorporating it into car dealerships. 

With the use of industry standard equipment coupled with our experienced team of videographers, our service is both professional and effective, setting your dealership apart from competitors. 

With a one day turn around be sure that the work we do for you will have no delay and can therefore allow you to advertise your cars in the same time as you advertise a photograph. 

So you expect a catch? Well there isn't. We really do not ask for much, the whole production process is incredibly fast, reliable and consistent with a turn around time of one day.  ​

The Experience, Tools & Talent to promote your brand

Front of Car

Our team have been car enthusiasts all their lives. We have excellent subject knowledge meaning we know what works, what people want to see, and have the experience to know what gets cars off the forecourt.


Subject Knowledge 

Camera Lens

We use all of our own equipment, and it's only the best. DSLR Camera's, high end stabilisers and tripods, all add up to make a quality production and video. We also consistently invest and spend, to improve our arsenal of production equipment. 


Professional Equipment 

Editing & Post Production

Our team have been creating videos for over 5 years. We use multiple different editing suite's and software to the highest standard to make your video have that cutting edge over any competitor. 


Precise Editing 

How It Works 

First we will agree on the package you'd like to work with, as well as the price, amount of units, and what style of video you require. 

1. Agree on terms and deal

Secondly we will arrange the date/s you would like us to come and film, whether this is a one time thing, or a regular occurrence. From there we will make sure we are prepared and set up for the day. All we ask is the cars you would like us to film are relatively clean and prepared for the day. 

2. Arrange date 

The next step is all our job. We will come to you on the select day, and efficiently film all of the selected cars to a professional standard in quick time. Usually only one person will be sent to film, meaning we will keep out of the way and be no trouble. All our employees are competent drivers with full licenses, so they can easily move any vehicles around if you wish. 

3. Filming and production

Once the filming is complete, we will quickly head back to our office space with the footage, and professionally edit the videos. We are incredibly efficient in this process, and will make sure that the videos are back with you as quickly as possible. 

4. Post production and editing 

The final step is the most simple, how you receive the videos are completely down to you. We can transfer the files to you over the internet. Deliver the files to you in person via USB. Or even upload the videos onto your social media, website, or AutoTrader if you supply us your account details. 

5. Distribution 

Single Video
Bulk Order

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